Most Recent ESOs, EROs, Final Orders and Administrative Complaints

Enforcement activities include receiving, analyzing, and investigating complaints and reports; tracking licensees’ compliance with disciplinary sanctions; inspecting health care facilities; issuing citations and emergency suspension and restriction orders; conducting disciplinary proceedings; and combating unlicensed activity.

Emergency Suspension and Restriction orders are imposed as specified by section 456.074, Florida Statutes , for serious violations relating to the commission of crimes, standard of care, or drug use, as for student loan defaults but are not considered final agency action. The subject is entitled to a hearing before final action is taken by a regulatory board or by DOH.

In an effort to provide the most up to date information regarding ESOs,EROs, and Final Orders, we are providing a new tool for you to use that can be found at the links below.  This new tool is updated regularly and will automatically provide you with the actions taken in the last 30 days.  In addition, information from prior to 30 days will continue to be available at

Click on the links for the last 30 days of ESOs or EROs.  

MQA also files administrative complaints, which is a document charging a licensee with a violation. Final Orders are documents discussing the outcome of a case. Click on the following link for the last 30 days of Administrative Complaints and Final Orders, including those final orders where obligations have been met within the last 30 days.

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